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Tamara Theresa

Lead Stylist/ Founder

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With over 15 years of experience and a background in top salons in Toronto, Tamara Theresa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Curl Rituals. As the Creative Director and Lead Stylist she oversees daily salon operations with a dedication to ensuring each customer has an exceptional experience. Specializing in textured hair, Tamara is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of her clients while prioritizing hair health. ​ Tamara's passion for the beauty industry is evident in her continuous learning, training programs, and mentoring of passionate staff. Never afraid to ask questions or "pick your brain," she believes that learning and expanding her knowledge are key to her growth as an artist. Curl Rituals provides a safe space where both staff and guests can be their true selves, creating a comfortable atmosphere that is rare and special. ​ Forming relationships and connecting with people is a huge part of why Tamara loves being behind the chair. Her strengths include making others smile and being the supportive, funny friend everyone can rely on. If you're ever looking for a shoulder to lean on or a boost in your mood, she's your girl. ​ Outside the salon, Tamara enjoys a healthy lifestyle and devotes time to raising her children, cherishing moments with family and friends. Whether she's spending time with her loved ones or diving into her newest hobby, Tamara's commitment to living a balanced and fulfilling life is evident in everything she does.

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