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We know finding the right curly hair specialist for your unique curl type can be challenging. Commonly asked questions can be found below with information that can help you on your healthy hair journey. Have an appointment with us read our hair prep here!

Q. How long will a haircut appointment take and what's included in the price?

 A. Our stylist reserves 1.5 hours for a haircut service. Each service includes a consultation, cut, style and education on your unique hair type.

Q. Do you offer a maintenance service for haircuts?

A. Yes, we offer a maintenance cut option for returning customers to maintain the health of their hair. When booked within 6- 8 weeks from 1st visit, you’re eligible to book a dry cut with your stylists. The service includes the cut only.

Q. I have a lot of hair and I’m afraid it may take longer than 1.5 hours, what do I do

A. Please let us know if you have thick hair or high density. All haircuts are booked for 1.5 hours and if you require extra time beyond that you will be automatically charged our *Extra Time Fee, please see the Service section

Q. Why is there such a difference between stylist and pricing?

A. At our salon, we believe in transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing. We've implemented a pricing module that takes into account the skill level and experience of our hairstylists. This module ensures that you receive the best value for your money while also acknowledging the dedication and expertise of our team members.

The difference in pricing between our Junior and Create Director hairstylists is a reflection of their respective skill levels and experience. Each stylist undergoes rigorous training and development to refine their techniques and knowledge.

Q. Do you only offer services for curly hair?

A. We’re a full service salon that offers a variety of different services for textured hair clients, please see our service menu for a list of all services

Q. Do you do braiding services or locs?

A. Braiding may be done as a protective style but not a stand alone service. We do not offer locs.

Q. What if I don’t know how to detangle my hair?

A. If you need help with detangling please add service to your booking- ($50 detangle fee)

Q. What if I want to style my hair differently other than a Wash N’ Go?

A. We offer a full service menu and you’re welcome to style your hair as you please. Please give us notice before-hand by either adding to the notes of your booking or emailing us prior to your appointment

Q. Do you cut wet or dry?

A. Our curly haircuts are typically done on dry hair. We also provide wet cuts depending on the desired end results. Our stylists are fully trained to do both.

Q. Is there parking at the salon?

A. Yes, there is paid street parking available right on Kingston Rd. We understand the importance of convenience for our clients, there is also free parking on the side streets.

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