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Haircut Preparation Requirements:

For all New and Existing Customers

  • Please come with your hair in a Wash N Go (no oils or heavy products)


  • Clarify your hair and come with your hair fully detangled


  • Hair must be out of braids, protective styles and detangled prior to your visit. A detangle fee of $50 may be charged- your stylist may not have enough time to perform the actual service you booked for, please book accordingly


  • Do not come with your hair pulled back, the use of hair ties, headbands and avoid wearing hats and scarves 


  • Hair must be down in its most natural state 


  • Hair must be completely dry

Failure to follow these steps will result in extra charges, as not being fully prepared can result in more time needed to complete your haircut service

Hair Color Prep:

We use Oligo Professionals, an Ammonia Free hair color system that offers a gentle approach to hair coloring.


  • The hair should be free of any heavy products 


  • No hair color concealers can be used prior to color service. (No color mascaras, powders or makeup)- This can affect the results and may cause uneven color 


  • Please come with your hair fully detangled and dry

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